June 27, 2017  

I Raised my Verbal Score by 340 points!
  • Suzzane Kim of Diamond Bar, CA, raised her SAT I Verbal score by 340 points in the October test last year. She studied SAT vocabulary words and test-taking strategies with the SATwords program for a couple of months during the summer.

    Young Koh of Atlanta, who came to the United States only 18 months ago, studied the SATwords materials all by himself before the test. He received a verbal score of 700 without a single mistake in the Analogy and Sentence Completion sections. Even as a second language, English was no longer a barrier to Young's success as a student.

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  • Jason Walker of Milwaukee, WI raised his verbal score from 670 to 760 after he studied the sample sentences in the SATwords flashcards. He says, "I didn’t have to struggle to memorize the definitions. Everything came pretty naturally after I read the sample sentences a few times."
  • Dina Kim in Copalis Crossing, WA aced the verbal sections of both the PSAT and the SAT-I. She studied the 1,200 SATwords flashcards for a few weeks before she took the tests.
If a 7th grader could do it,
you definitely could, too!
  • The 1,200 SATwords flashcards contain more than 3,000 frequently tested SAT words and 1,500 sample sentences. Since the 1,200 SATwords flashcards are conveniently packaged in 20 pocket-sized boxes, you don't have to deal with messy, handmade bundles of cards anymore.
  • The SATwords flashcards were published by the top educators at The American Coalition of English Educators.
  • The SATwords vocabulary flashcards have become one of the most popular study aids among college-bound students. The secret of the SATwords' great success is in their sample sentences: with the SATwords sentences you can quickly create a vivid image of the word, regardless of its difficulty level.
How do I study in the SATWORDS program?
You study a box of 60 flashcards first, and then take two 5-minute quizzes to evaluate your knowledge of the vocabulary in the box. If you get a perfect score, you can then start studying the corresponding problem packet, which uses the flashcard words you have just finished studying.

You can adjust the speed of your work to your own pace. The Tutor's Columns and the Online help are always there for you.

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  2. 20-sets of quizzes (a total of 1,000 questions): Each set of 50 questions is designed to test the user after he/she has finished studying each box of 60 flashcards.
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with our 15-day return policy!

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